10 Reasons Why This Pet Pad is Going Viral on Social Media

1. Fastest, Easiest & Most Convenient Dog Pad Ever

Say goodbye to chewed up plastic, expensive floor cleaners and nasty stains all over your home. 

Dry Paws™ just takes seconds to place down and with it's heavy, durable anti-slip design, your dog will love using or sitting on it rather than dragging plastic puppy pads around the house.

Saving you from cleaning up plastic mess and nasty stains on the floor or furniture.

2. Destructive Dog Safe

Puppy pads are designed to be super absorbent. So, the materials that get into their stomach might absorb fluids, expand, and get stuck in the intestines.

That's why Dry Paws prefers to ensure a completely chew proof, solution.

Dry Paws™ pads are designed to be extremely durable, heavier and stay firmly secured while also minimising harmful dangers that single-use, plastic puppy pads pose to your new family member.

3. Packed With ONLY The Good Stuff

Dry Paws™ believes in a simple, easy three layer design that is super effective in protecting your home from nasty accidents and stains your dog leaves around the home.

Designed with an extremely soft breathable micro fibre top layer that your dog will just love, a natural super absorbent middle bamboo core and a waterproof backing with anti-slip technology.

Your home will never have been this clean while owning a dog.

4. Teaching A Proper Place To Go. 

Dry Paws™ is designed to give your dog a place to go inside from young to senior. 

When a dog is left inside with no option to go potty and you haven't realised or given them a toilet... Generally you end up with mistakes. 

It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Training your pup with Dry Paws will easily teach your dog that it is safe to pee on our pads & not blankets, carpets or the side of your furniture. This is due to our distinctive patterns and microfibre top layer and three layer design.

5. Completely Multi-Purpose

Dry Paws™ multi-purpose puppy pad uses are endless! You might start with puppy training and very soon you will discover just how useful they are during your day to day activities with your pet.

Some things you can do with your washable puppy pads👇

Placing under food bowls or litter boxes. For crates at home and during transport. Protecting furniture, carpet and rugs from pet fur, dirt and stains. Lining playpens and kennels. Travel with your furbaby. For whelping and breeding. Backdoor muddy paw mat. Vet trips, sick or diabetic dogs and senior dogs with incontinence.

6. Making An Impact One Pad At A time

An average dog who makes the switch to just one Dry Paws™ reusable puppy pad can save over 300 plastic puppy pads ending up in landfill per year alone from destroying our planet! 

Not only does this help our environment, it helps you save money while reducing your plastic waste footprint. 

This is because Dry Paws is designed to resist more than 300 washes in the washing machine!

7. Completely Machine Wash and Dryer Safe

Dry Paws™ are completely machine wash and dry safe. Cleaning this washable pee pad is simple, fast, and effective.

More importantly, with regular maintenance, it won't retain odours or stains!

Bonus: If you're worried about putting it in the machine with your clothes, most Dry Paws™ customers hose off their pads or soak them in odour eliminator, baking soda or vinegar before machine washing them.

8. Designed For Any Pet

Dry Paws™ has designed their pads to used with almost any indoor pet. From rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds to cats, dogs and so much more. 

The soft layer gives your pet a comfortable spot to lay on and the super absorbent design allows for any mess to be held or soaked up by the pad instead of mess all over your home.

9. 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Worried your dog is too destructive?

Dry Paws™ is so confident in the durability of their puppy pads they're offering an exclusive 30-Day No Questions Asked Destructive Dog Replacement Guarantee FREE on all puppy pads and oversized throws in your order.

They will replace any pads your furbaby destroys within the 30 day period that begins the day your pads arrive.

So you can try their puppy pads today with confidence.

10. Over 30,000 Happy Dog Owners and Counting

Once quarantine hit, people adopted many furbabies into their home and Dry Paws™ offered super easy, fun and versatile solutions to keeping your home free from dog mess. 

Our fans have had a lot of fun making their home super comfortable and cosy for their dogs. 

And... they're now going crazy over Dry Paws™ oversized puppy pads and furniture protection throws!

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