A snuffle mat for dogs is an engaging enrichment puzzle that will occupy your dog's mind and body. It is meant to cover dry food, making it more challenging to consume and motivating dogs to exercise their hunting abilities to find it. A snuffle mat allows your dog to spend more time searching for food, which provides mental engagement. Slowing down their feeding using a snuffle mat is one technique to minimise bloating, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

snuffle mat for dogs

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How to Use Snuffle Mats for Your Dogs?

Place 3-5 yummy goodies loosely in the fleece on top of the snuffle mat for dogs. Keep an eye on your dog as they learn to sniff out the rewards. If your dog begins to lift or tug on the mat, ask them to Sit or give them the instruction "Leave it." Then, by pointing out the rewards on the mat, motivate them to keep sniffing. This sniffing behaviour will encourage your dog to continue sniffing for prizes instead of picking up, shaking, or digging in the mat.

Put the Snuffle away once the dog has found all of the treats. For the first few days, do this exercise twice a day. Most dogs will have trained to gently sniff the entire mat for their treats after around 3-4 sessions.

What Size of Snuffle Mats You Should Need?

The snuffle mats for dogs are an excellent method to provide mental activity to your dog while also assisting with nutrition management. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. It can be either round or rectangular. The sizes large and medium are relatively frequent. The large size is ideal for your big dog, while the medium is ideal for medium-sized dogs. However, you should verify a few details before making a purchase. First, the bottom layer must be non-slip. The material must be bite-proof to eliminate the risk of choking. Finally, it would be preferable if the mat could be easily cleaned.

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Snuffle Mats Vs Slow Feeder -  What to Use?

Snuffle Mat by Dry Paws

Slow Feeder


Initiate the dog's pleasure smelling and foraging areas in the brain.

Encourage them to eat more slowly

Reduce stress levels.

Reduces the chances of them choking on the food.

Easy to wash. Machine washable. Hand Washable.

Because your dog takes longer to eat, they are more likely to feel satisfied when they are done.

Encourage them to eat more slowly.

This provides extremely beneficial mental stimulation.


Only dry food or dry cookies should be utilised.

There's a chance they'll harm their teeth

Have to clean regularly. Though it is machine washable. 

The use of low-cost materials can be hazardous.

Expensive. But it is kind of an instalment. As it is reusable, durable, you can use it for a long time. 

Because of all of the nooks and crevices, washing these bowls is considerably more difficult.


Both Slow Feeder and Snuffle Mat for dogs are great in their respective ways. But we would suggest Snuffle Mat because of its durability, easy clean feature. The material is safe, non-toxic and wear resistant to bite. Also, it won't hurt your dog.

Can You Wash Snuffle Mats?

Snuffle Mat Australia by Dry Paws is made of high-quality cloth that is safe and non-toxic, and is bite-resistant. It's also easy to clean thanks to its resilience and the fact that it's totally machine washable.

snuffle mat australia

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First, thoroughly shake the mat and comb it through with your fingers to remove any crumbs that your dog may have missed. Then, use a mild detergent, wash on a delicate cycle with cold water, and avoid using fabric softeners or other chemicals. Low-heat tumble drying is one option.

Where to Buy Snuffle Mats Online?

Snuffle Mats are getting increasingly trendy. However, going to the shop can be dangerous due to the current pandemic crisis. Why would you even go out when Dry Paws guarantee free shipping to anywhere in Australia in just 3-5 days? Our Snuffle mat is composed of high-quality, non-toxic fabrics that are safe for your dog to use and bite resistant. Because of these characteristics, it is long-lasting. As a result, you won't have to throw away your money by buying it over and over. We also have a no-hassle return policy. We are pretty proud of the fact that none of our products is tested on animals.


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