Nothing is more calming and revitalising than a restful night's sleep. This applies not only to humans but also to dogs. Depending on age, dogs sleep anywhere from 12 to 18 hours daily. So, just like you, they need a comfortable bed. However, why is a calming pet bed necessary? For a deeper understanding, be with us till the end.

Calming Dog Beds - What Are They?

Calming dog beds are created expressly to reduce stress in our four-legged pals, and they work best in conjunction with counselling or medicine.

A relaxing bed would be helpful for animals that exhibit very slight symptoms of separation anxiety on occasion. These cosy mattresses give dogs a sense of security akin to a weighted vest, which helps them cope with stressful situations.

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These anti-anxiety beds are not brand-new on the market for dog products. Calming beds are available in various shapes, designs, colours, and materials to accommodate animals of all ages and sizes. In addition, these sleep sanctuaries contain several beneficial characteristics, including orthopaedic padding, strengthened edges, burrowing holes, and self-healing capabilities.

A particular bed may be beneficial for dogs who exhibit behaviours like hiding, burrowing, whining or shivering while not being held, nervous panting, or excessive jumping.

According to experts, soft dog beds work best when used in conjunction with behavioural modification training or medicine to help our canine friends overcome their anxiety. Sadly, there isn't a quick treatment for canine anxiety. It's complicated, and helping your furry child through it requires persistence, time, and patience.

How Do Calming Beds for Dogs Work?

Dog beds that reduce anxiety are made to provide puppies with a sense of security and comfort.

As was already noted, sure soft beds have orthopaedic features to help with joint pain relief, and others have self-healing features.

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However, most soft dog beds have elevated edges or make borrowing comfortable. Your dog feels safe inside raised rims and cave-like structures, which calms their overactive sensory responses. There are additional health advantages to raised rims. Raised rims provide support for the neck and spine while you sleep, which helps to lessen joint and muscle pain.

Types of Calming Dog Beds

Here is a breakdown of different types of dog anxiety beds -

Orthopaedic memory foam beds: It provides elderly dogs with arthritis or other muscle problems with a comfortable place to relax by relieving strain on aching joints. In addition, finding a bed that relieves pain can help a dog relax because pain can make canines anxious.

Self-Warming Dog Beds: No matter how miserable your day has been, the warmth of a fire may quickly make you feel better. Similarly, a self-warming bed can create a cosy environment for your dog to unwind and dream about squirrels.

These calming dog beds are perfect for dogs who naturally seek warmth and become anxious in cold environments.

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Doughnut-shaped beds: comfortable material that gently envelops them when curled up seems to be a favourite among small breeds and cats. They remind them of when they cuddled up next to their mothers and littermates. The raised circle of the bed acts as a headrest from all sides.

Bolster dog beds: Dogs can lay their heads on a soft surface on bolster dog beds with raised edges on three sides, giving them a sense of security and protection. Large dogs will love these beds. For dogs who "feel safer curled up or leaning against something as they sleep," according to Shelly, these are excellent.

Cave-Style Dog Beds: We've all been there, hiding under a heavy blanket to find comfort under trying circumstances. So why not provide your dog with the same possibility by purchasing a bed in the shape of a cave with a pocket for him to crawl into? These beds are standard in homes with small dogs, but they can also be comforting for anxious giant breeds.

Some spring up like tents, while others are more like sleeping bags or have covers. While the outside is made of a more sturdy fabric, the interior is composed of soft textiles like Sherpa.

You can also try some of our calming dog beds & furniture throw beds.

The Science Behind Calming Pet Beds

If you have a dog and a Facebook account, there's a good possibility that you've seen a variety of "calming" dog beds floating through your news feed that promise to instantly cure your dog's separation anxiety or calm their unpredictable behaviour. But are they actually effective?

Unfortunately, not all calming beds are created equal. According to science, calming beds can be beneficial when they include all the components necessary to have an impact on your dog. Let's start from the beginning and break it down.

Our furry children first felt comfortable when they cuddled up next to their littermates and Mummy when they were tiny puppies, feeding from their furry Mama and growing up with their brothers and sisters. The feeling of another dog's fur right next to theirs, laying their heads up against their Mumma, and being surrounded by a swarm of pups are all reassuring reassurances that they are safe.

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During the first few weeks, our pups become acutely aware of what they can feel, and their behaviour is governed by the enjoyment and safety that physical touch provides. They would squeak in fear if they couldn't feel their parents or siblings close by, and if they were secure, you would probably find them asleep.

Our furry children never lose this feeling of touch as they age. This is why calming beds can be effective when they closely resemble the sensations of security people recall from when they were small babies surrounded by a pack of pups. The perfect relaxing bed must have elevated edges that simulate lying up against their fur Mama, soft, short imitation fur to mimic the sensation of sleeping next to their littermates, and a premium inner filling that they can burrow into and feel surrounded by, like a giant hug.

In our research, we discovered different types of beds. Such as washable covers but not washable inserts (kind of worthless, in our opinion, if you can't wash the entire thing), memory foam inners (the most synthetic material on earth that also retains a lot of heat—not ideal in summer!), beds without edges to lay your head on, and beds that aren't washable at all—what the—hell?

We can assure you that you won't merely need to wash the outside cover if your dog unintentionally wees on the bed or enters the house covered in dirt.

And when given the option to choose the material their dog sleeps on, we doubt that any Fur-Mama or Fur-Papa would intentionally choose anything synthetic that emits hazardous fumes if premium 100% cotton and natural fibres were an option. Instead of spending money on a bed that your furry child will only use during the cooler months, invest in cotton and natural fibres that will keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. Have questions about what we mean by harmful fumes? Once it is removed from the plastic, just smell your other relaxing bed. You'll be able to tell whether anything smells manufactured, which is what many people force their pets to place their heads on.

Why DryPaws Calming Dog Beds Are Better?

We know that most of the calming pet beds on the market are not particularly user-friendly. But are the calming dog beds from DryPaws deserving of their name?

  • A new, ultra-soft washable removable cover makes washing hygienic, simple, and quick while preventing odours from being trapped in your bed.
  • You can take your Dry Paws calming pet bed anywhere you go because it is portable and light. It will help your dog in unfamiliar and uncomfortable circumstances.
  • It has an exceptionally plush raised rim that provides your pet with a soft pillow and a protective barrier while also promoting sleep. Your pet will adore their new sense of security, which will help them sleep well every night.
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  • Unmatched long-lasting, durable quality while you've likely encountered other less expensive, lower-quality dog beds with non-washable or poor staffing. At Dry Paws, we place a premium on quality, so we made a sturdy bed that will hold up for years with your smelly baby.
  • Incredible support and joint protection for your dog's nighttime comfort. With additional cushioning and ultra-soft vegan faux fur, our pet calming bed is made. It feels like pups are sleeping on a cloud, which has a minimal impact on their joints and hips.

How Does a Calming Dog Bed Impact Anxiety?

Dogs become anxious when they are under stress or fright. You'll notice your dog panting, shivering, and drooling when they're stressed. Additionally, your dog might not be able to eat or sleep adequately. In some circumstances, bodily symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea can be caused by anxiety. Anxious dogs will bark uncontrollably and cower when their owners approach them.

You shouldn't try to reassure your nervous dog. Your dog will probably bite or snap in defence. Instead, consider making a training investment to prevent the issue from getting worse over time.

Consider spending each night on a cold, hard floor. When you wake up in the morning, you ache because it is uncomfortable. You would probably buy a mattress to reduce your daily discomfort. A calming dog bed has the same effect as a person's bed since dogs are not any different.

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Anxiety in dogs is frequently exacerbated by stress, fear, discomfort, or exhaustion. Because of this, the setting in which your dog sleeps might affect how anxious they are. They already feel lousy, so a bad bed will make them feel even worse by amplifying their suffering.

Additionally, filth and hair are more likely to accumulate on a low-quality dog bed, irritating your dog's skin. An agitated dog will feel itchy and scratch excessively. This will result in even more issues.

What to Look for in a Calming Dog Bed

You must take into account some crucial elements to choose the right dog bed for your pet's needs.

Size: Certain breeds are better suited to particular relaxing dog beds. For example, doughnut-shaped beds are more suited for little dogs. Large dogs will feel more comfortable on a bolster bed. Nevertheless, you must confirm the bed size you intend to purchase. To allow your dog some room to move around, you should purchase something with a little more room. However, a too-large dog bed won't have the desired cocooning effect, so avoid getting one. However, if you're purchasing an orthopaedic bed, be sure it has sufficient room for your dog to stretch out entirely without any parts of his body protruding from the bed.

Machine-Washable: To make cleaning the bed simple, look for a bed with fabric that can be machine-washed. It should at the very least have a washable, detachable cover.

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Waterproof Lining: Your dog needs a nice, dry bed to feel at ease. In addition, cleanup is significantly simpler if an accident occurs with a waterproof lining.

Odour Resistant: To keep odours from adhering to the bed, look for antimicrobial materials. For instance, faux fur is not only like a dog's soft coat but also antibacterial.

Non-Slip Bottom: When your dog wants to enter or exit the bed, make sure it doesn't slide. This increases the risk of an accident and possible canine injury and can also stress your dog out.

Those looking for a dog anxiety bed should bear the following numbers in mind:

  • How big is your dog?
  • the age of it
  • How many dogs may face competition for the bed?

The right dog bed can seem like a gamble, but don't worry too much about it because you know your dog better than anybody else. Dog owners can experiment with many options to determine which they prefer because they are the ones who know their dogs the best.

Although dogs can't express their preferences to us directly, we can look out for telltale indicators. To discover where they gravitate, you may, for instance, scatter several dog beds around the home in various spots or rotate the bed.

Does Your Dog Need a Calming Bed?

There's a considerable probability that, in addition to adequate training and other calming goods, your pet can benefit from the comfort of a soft bed if he is prone to feeling worried when you are not home or when exposed to loud noises.

It might be challenging to tell whether your recently adopted dog is dealing with generalised anxiety or separation anxiety. Here is a handy checklist to aid you in recognising some critical indications. Which of the following worrying behaviours does your dog exhibit?

  • Whining
  • Hiding
  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Lip-licking
  • Barking or howling
  • Clinging
  • Clawing, chewing, or other destructive behaviours

Try using a relaxing bed if you see any of these symptoms in your recently adopted dog.

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Even while a relaxing dog bed is intended to lessen anxiety, remember that it won't be a standalone fix for the issue. For example, a calming bed may not be helpful if your pet displays symptoms of separation anxiety, but it may be helpful in conjunction with behavioural modification training or pharmaceuticals.

Encourage relaxation by massaging his ears, caressing his chest in a circular motion, and applying light strokes down the side of his face or torso.

You can be confident that your four-legged buddy is on the road to enjoying a healthier, more comfortable life with the correct bed and other steps.

The Elements of the Best Dog Bed

Science shows that a relaxing pet bed needs two essential components to function as intended: elevated rims to provide precisely the right amount of pressure and neck support and shag fur and soft filling for warmth and smell.

Nowadays, many pet beds are made with artificial fur and scented appropriately. It will eventually take on your pet's natural scent, which will help them feel even more at home.

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Other important qualities to look for in an orthopaedic dog bed or soft dog bed include:

  • attractive, removable cover
  • deep crannies where animals can burrow
  • dirt-resistant bottom with a non-slip surface
  • Joint pain-relieving inside fibres Fabric that can be machine washed for convenience

You must purchase a relaxing bed without elevated sides that are too difficult for your pet to climb out of. These are ideal if you're seeking a pet bed to lessen your pet's nervousness. They are not all created in the same manner, though.

Your Responsibility As a Pet Parent

An anxious dog can be difficult to calm down. While some dog owners take medicine to calm their pets, others try alternative techniques. For instance, your dog needs to have a space to run to eliminate its anxiety.

A soft doughnut dog bed offers a private sanctuary made of substances and fragrances that bring back happy memories for them. Dogs connect their emotions and perceptions with memories as people do. Because of this, consideration must be given to these sensations while selecting a relaxing pet bed.

Reduce the use of synthetic materials as much as possible, but the warmth, pressure, and luxuriously soft faux fur comfort should be included in the design of the bed.

Our calming pet beds, along with other dog products, are available on our website. Check them out!

Benefits of Having a Pet Calming Bed in Your Home

The fact that calming dog bed Australia assists in reducing any stress or anxiety your dog may be experiencing is undoubtedly one of its main advantages. However, be aware that this bed is just a tool to aid in lowering anxiety—it is not the answer. The bed must be utilised with some form of conditioning or training. Before he goes to sleep, encourage your dog to unwind. Move your hand in a circular motion, gently stroking the side of his face. The chest can be treated the same way. To encourage relaxation, he also massages his ears. To assist him in connecting his new bed and a feeling of calm and happiness, you can even do this while he is lying on it.

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A relaxing bed might have further advantages in addition to lowering anxiety:

  • Your dog will develop better coping mechanisms for stress.
  • Stress on the neck and other joints will be reduced thanks to the raised borders.
  • Your dog will sleep more soundly and fall asleep more quickly.
  • His immune system will benefit from a good night's sleep.
  • Additionally, getting enough sleep can aid learning, memory, and brain development.

Beware of False advertising

Getting your pet a bed that is completely wrapped in plastic is the worst thing you could do for them. This substance separates them from the doughnut cuddler bed and may increase anxiety.

We've seen mattresses that claim to be calming dog beds, but given how they're made, we're not sure how they arrived with that conclusion. A pet bed shouldn't contain any synthetic materials. Instead of providing comfort, they introduce unfamiliar scents that will only help to confuse and aggravate your pet more.

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Many of the bed makers don't appear to comprehend the fundamental idea. We've seen orthopaedic or soothing pet beds with memory foam inserts that may feel extremely comfortable for a person but aren't that terrific for humans. These foam inserts give your pet a comfy place to rest and are fine in low temps, but in the summer they can retain that heat and get extremely hot.

They would also require frequent washing. Your pet may permanently harm the insert if they have an accident on it or lie on it while covered in muck. Additionally, your dog won't experience any genuine relaxing effects from memory foam.

Importance of A Good Dog Bed

Your dog will like sleeping in a wonderful, calming dog bed because it's soft, supportive, and pleasant for them. Consider your prefered sleeping method. Don't you feel better lying in a comfortable bed with a pillow that feels like the clouds? When looking for a dog bed for your furry buddy, many characteristics create a decent dog bed, and you should take these into account.

A Good Dog Bed Supports Joints

Older dogs may experience joint disorders like hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other conditions. A supportive dog bed is essential to aid with these concerns because it will cushion your dog's body and ease any pain brought on by age-related health conditions. A comfortable dog bed also helps growing puppies' joints, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

Good Beds Ensure Better Sleep

Like us, dogs require a good night's sleep to maintain their health. Additionally, getting a good night's sleep helps your dog remember things and may even make your dog smarter. That's because when dogs learn new commands, they frequently perform better when they get enough sleep. After all, well-rested puppies have more energy to dedicate to their education.

Easy to Clean

It's critical that you can readily clean your dog's bed because dogs can bring a lot of filth and pests like fleas into the house. Find a calming dog bed with a cover you can remove and wash at home once a week. This reduces the amount of dog hair, dander, and pathogens.

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You should also look for a bed that can be washed and dried. This is crucial for young puppies who are still potty training and senior dogs who may have incontinence concerns.

Encourage Your Dogs to Sleep in Their Bed

Occasionally, having your dog sleep in your bed with you is soothing. However, if your dog is tossing and turning, it may frequently keep you from sleeping. Or perhaps the majority of your sleeping area is taken up by your giant breed dog.

A Spot to Relax

A comfortable dog bed ought to be a haven for your dog away from the chaos of your house. Dogs are den animals, so they value having a place to unwind.

You should pick a sturdy dog bed that is the right size for your puppy. Large dogs require larger beds than smaller canines. This guarantees that your dog will have more than enough room to spread out and take a nap. Even better, you can put the bed inside your dog's crate. In this manner, it offers your dog a comfortable hiding place to hang out in while they're feeling stressed.

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Why Trust DryPaws for Calming Dog Bed in Australia?

You will find high-quality dog supplies at a fair price on the website DryPaws. Our calming dog beds are one of our best-selling items. We collaborated with suppliers who share our values about pet happiness to develop these fantastic washable pee pads, which we are proud to provide to you at low prices. You can rest assured that it will greatly ease your strain. Your infant can use the delicate material with complete safety. DryPaws also offers free shipping to Australia. You can return the offered item immediately away if you're not happy with it. Check out our other dog-friendly items before placing your order.

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